Who is immigrating to Europe, Asia, North America , Africa , South America through education ? 

If there is a demanded specialty, but there is not a sufficient level of knowledge of the spoken language in respective countries, you can travel for language courses and look for work in parallel. And as a backup or more reliable plan, consider the option of continuing education during a year of study in that country.  If there is an education, but it is not in demand in that country , you can also try your luck and look for a job during language courses, but the chances of success will be lower. But after a year of study on the diploma program, there will be an automatic work visa. Most employers would not like to deal with visa issues for employees, so they are looking for people with an existing right to work.

                 Local Experience and References. 

This is a very important point. Employers want to be convinced that a person will be able to work in the local environment, that he has already passed the stage of adaptation at the proper level and is ready to work. Therefore, we strongly recommend our students to look for a part-time job or even volunteer work during their studies. This helps a lot not only financially and psychologically, but also increases the chances of finding a permanent position in the future. 

Professional Skills 

When opening positions in a company, employers want to see a person with certain clear skills. It is the presence of these skills and their correct display in your resume that will help tip the scales in your favor. 

Foreign work experience 

Of course, the knowledge and experience gained in your country will always stay with you and can play a positive role in finding a new job. Not all knowledge will be relevant and useful, but nevertheless. If you have experience of working for international companies or participating in international projects, so much the better for you. 

Personal Attraction 

In Europe, America , Asia , communication and personalities are important. The manager prefers to hire employees with whom, in his opinion, he will be more comfortable working. Thus, it is very important to be able to win over, even if you are a smart specialist. Most likely, you will work in a team and this moment will definitely be taken into account. 

Prestige of education 

And only with all other things being equal with your competitors, the employer can look at the prestige of your education in the sixth place. And, perhaps, he will give preference to what the diploma is more appreciated in that specific country and in the world. At the same time, the prestige of education will play a much more important role in the academic, scientific, medical, engineering and some other industries. Thus, the prestige of the educational institution plays a role, though not of primary importance. If finances allow, it is better to choose the most significant place of study. But if every penny counts, you can pay attention to all the other categories of establishments. After all, in the visa plan, prestige does not matter, and having already become a permanent resident , you can continue your education at lower prices, as a local student. 

That is, whichever way you choose, you need a certain level of proficiency. Language courses are indeed a good step. During your studies, you must evaluate the country yourself without anyone's help, analyze your prospects in the country. And if everything suits you after the courses you take further steps for immigration. We will be happy to help you work all the way from start to finish in order to choose the most effective options specifically for your case. Visa processing is handled by our licensed immigration consultants.